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I am owned by cats, a super dog and great goats.
My name is Bobbie, so much for 'about me', now let me introduce you to The Bunch!

Mr. Nicholas was here first.

My neighbor called in 1990 and asked if I wanted the kitten
she had just gotten to replace a cat killed by a car.
She was going to take him to the pound.
I said No!

Didn't take me long to get to her back door.

He was quiet a mess!
He turned into one of the Best Cats Ever!

This website is dedicated to him.

God must have needed cheering,
to take this sweet cat that I love so.

In Loving Memory Of My Sweet Boy
December 1990-June 26, 2002
Safe Journey, Mr. Nicholas
Be gentle with those butterflies
** You will always live in my heart **

Click his picture for more of Mr. Nicholas

Napoleon and Georgia came by way of my son. He came in the house with two tiny orange tabbies.
Just for a while, Momma 'till I can find them a home, OK?
That was 1992.

Look at those sweet little faces

Again my heart breaks. I lost Georgia to cancer on April 30, 2007.
My tears have not stopped flowing for Holly Belle, now my beautiful Georgia

In 1994, driving in an area near my home, I saw a small black and white kitten in the street.
I'd seen several cats in the nearby yard, and two had been run over.
It didn't take me long to decide he'd be better off with me!
Meet The Bandit.
My crazy cat, my cow kitty, my beautiful Bandit left for The Bridge on June 3, 2009.
I miss your talking, sweet boy,
and know it will be just a blink of the eye until we meet agan.

Leaving Walmart one nice day in 1995, I noticed a man and boy sitting by a box in front of the store.
Trying hard to not look, I looked in the box and saw two tiny kittens.
One pure white longhair and a very small gorgeous calico.
Meet Miss Emily and Sara, who, as you can see is all heart *s*

How could I not keep them? *s*

My dear Daddy called one cold and wet day in '96 to ask me what to do about a kitten in a tree at his house.
Well, what else was there to do but go get her out of the tree, and take her to Animal Control?
She was a long hair black/brown tabby, with a beautiful white chest.
It took three days and two ladders to get her out of that tree.

.. Animal ..

.. Control ..

Here's Maggie Mae - Click her to see more pictures!

Oh, yes, Noah. I'm just keeping this kitten for a couple of weeks for my niece!
Letís seeÖI think it was in late 1996 that he came to live with us for those couple of weeks.
He is a 20 pound white short hair that loves to be loved.

The next feline to join The Bunch was That Gracie!
She and her littermate were born in a warehouse environment in September 2000.
Something got her litter mate, and I went and got Gracie.
She was about five weeks old and in pretty bad shape.
A trip to the vet and some loving care and in a few weeks she was in top form.

In early 2002, while thinking that nine is a real nice number of cats to be owned by,
someone asked if I would take a grown house cat that had been kicked out of his house after a divorce.
They said he'd been living on the streets, was very matted, in bad shape.
I said

... No No! No ...

... Absoulety Not! ...

... Can't afford it! ...

... No Thanks! ...

... Somebody else will ...

..I call him Timothy..

Click Timothy for more pictures!

You just know when the phone rings early in the morning that something is wrong.
What was wrong this time? A little kitten had been thrown out and made it's way to a womans house.
My uncle was recouping from a heart attack and stroke and called to tell me the woman said
'Leave it alone, don't feed it, don't water it, let it die!'
He asked if I'd come get it.

I said

... Oh No! .. Nope .. Noooo ...

... Absoulety Can Not! ...

... No! ...

... Not driving 30 Miles to get a kitten! ...

... Somebody else will ...

She was a bag of bones
A starving purr machine in spite of it all!
I named her Anna Sue in memory of a dear internet friend that passed away this year, 2004

Click her picture to read about her SPAY DAY!

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Do you let your cat go outside?
Please take a minute to read
"We Buried Your Cat Today"
written by Trish Blassingame.
I'm honored to call her my friend
Just click on the Inside Cat tab.

Please remember the pets of Katrina by visiting this website:

Before I introduce you to my Dog, Goats and Rabbits, I'd like to invite you to visit lisaviolet.com

On this huge site, you will find live cameras, a journal, cat merchandise, forums,
cards, cat information, web site designs, and much, much more!
Oh, by the way, she has lots of CATS!!
Click the link above to her wonderful Cathouse!!
And...a very special Thank You to lisaviolet
for this space to share my Furkids with everyone! ^..^

I am heartbroken.
My precious dog left for the Rainbow Bridge on June 13, 2006
I've made her a small memorial page right now it's all I can bear to think about.

My sweet dog is Holly Belle. I picked her out of a litter of 20 puppies.
She was a runt and in very poor condition.
The owner told me to put her back, he was going to take her to the woods and 'take care of 'it'.
She's been my constant companion since 1993, and has grown into a very healthy sixty pound pup :o)

Holly Belle loves my wonderful grandson, Benjamin Dean Jackson.
She is the Official Greeter at this house.
Click on the picture below to see more of Holly Belle Asbell!

My first rabbit is named There as in 'Hello, There' 'cause it's the first thing I said to her.
She lived in a very small pen on concrete year round. I asked for, and thankfully got her.
She's been my little house rabbit since 1998.

Miss Emily and Gracie spend lots of time with There :o)

My second little rabbit is TeeToo. Someone gave him to my 17 month old grand niece in 2001.
He was in a pet store take home box. No cage, no food, no information,
just a little white and brown baby rabbit in a little box.
The first thing I said to him was 'Hello, There' but certainly could not name him There, too.
So we settled on the next best name, TeeToo.

**tears** .. **tears**
My Little TeeToo has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge
Springtime 2001 - July 18, 2004
I will miss you so much. Until we meet again,
Enjoy those fields and flowers..

That Gracies' friend, There, has joined TeeToo at The Bridge.
She had been ill for a short time. On Sunday night before Labor Day, 2005, I gave her medicine.
She was cool, I knew she was dying and I held her as her sweet gentle spirit left.
Godspeed, There. We will miss you so, until we meet again.
**tears** .. **tears**

When you adopt me my life is likely to last only 15 to 20 years.
Don't forsake me, any separation from you is painful.
Give me time to understand what it is you want from me.
Change can be more difficult for me than for you.
Don't be angry with me for a long time, and don't lock me up alone as punishment.
You have your human family, your friends, your entertainment and I only have you.
Trust me and help me to trust you, it is crucial for mine as well as your well being.
Talk to me . . . even if you think I don't understand your words.
I understand your voice and love when you speak to me and stroke me.
Before you hit me remember that I have teeth and claws and could easily hurt you,
but I choose not to bite and scratch you because I love you.
Be aware, that however you treat me, I will never forget.
Before you scold me, ask yourself if something is wrong.
Perhaps I am sick, or just plain tired, frustrated and weak.
Try to understand what itís like to be me, put yourself in my place.
Take care of me when I get old and don't abandon me, for you, too, will grow old.
Notice when I am ill, when I need you to take me to the vet for help, just as you need to see a doctor.
Go with me on the most difficult journeys.
Never say
"I can't bear to watch"
"Do it when I leave"
I need you with me even at the end of my journey.
Always do what is best for me even if it is unbearable for you to do so,
because I love you and trust that you will.

Author Unknown

While at a goat show at the Olympic Horse Park I saw the smallest goat I'd ever seen, smaller than That Gracie!
Patrick is the one on your right in the picture below :)

In May of 2001, two Nigerian Dwarfs became part of The Bunch.

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Here are some of my

Oh! In addition to my furkids, I have human ones, too!
Two of my very special humans....
My daughter and grandson!

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When he destroys one of the works of God, we call him a sportsman.

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