The Boyz

In the spring of 2001, I went to a goat show at the Olympic Horse Park.
Walking up to a huge stall (they *are* for horses, you know) I looked in and saw the smallest little goat I'd ever seen!
He was not much bigger than a kitten, and had a limp.
I asked a lady that was shaving her goat (yes, they shave them to show them) who the little thing belonged to
and was told that the owner had gone to buy a bottle and some milk for him,
because the doe had died along with two of her kids,
and this one was just barely making it.
When the owner returned I asked him if I could buy the little fellow...
He said 'No, that was his Precious but I could give him a bottle' *s* Wow!
This little guy really was precious! Asking one more time about buying him, I left with sadness for this little guy,
saying to myself that I would not go back the next day, just too sad to see him limping.
When I got to the Horse Park the next day I started searching for Precious.
When Patrick (the owner) told me I could feed him again, I was thrilled.
Then he said "After you left yesterday everyone told me that I should let you buy Precious",
and he was going to do that because he could tell that I'd take good care of him *s*.
He needed a friend, so we went to another stall and picked out a little brown and white buck to come home with us.
I named them Patrick and Bob.

Nigerian Dwarf bucks are usually disbudded.
I took them to a friend for this. I sat with his aunt while my son-in-law and he took The Boyz for their disbudding.
I think it hurt me more than it did them. He said they didn't even yell.

Next The Boyz get wethered (neutered)

They spent the night in my bedroom so I could watch them after wethering.
They were still groggy and I didn't want them to be alone.

By summertime everybody was doing well, and very glad to not go for any more rides with me *s*

It's been a pretty normal time for The Boyz until..
a tree fell across the fence during a rain storm!
They thought they were real cool goats up there *s*

Patrick has become a handsome guy!

Bob is so good looking, he wants a close-up!

New Pictures Of BOB! August 2004

Well, here it is March of 2006! About time for more pictures.
They are going to loose their winter coats soon.

Summer of 2007!
Time sure does go by fast!
The Boyz get to walk around outside their area with me. This is a big treat for them!
They stay right with me. Such good goats!!